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Special Presentation by Shingo Suzumura, CEO of Locus Marketing
Former Athlete, Software Engineer

Every year hundreds of new fitness businesses emerge, most crash and burn – only a fraction are ever wildly successful.

After launching 437 fitness websites (and still counting) since March 2009 and working with top industry leaders, I’ve learned that most successful fitness business owners’ websites share these crucial commonalities:

  • Their website is well-designed in terms of easily attracting new referrals and local prospects – a top notch marketing-driven site.
  • They take advantage of a “set it once” type of system whether that’s a newsletter, shopping cart, or landing page.
  • They make a website highly integral part of their marketing efforts. They also become savvy in SEO, SEM, Social Media, and Conversion.

Okay, that’s no secret. But, how the heck do you do all that and make sure that you are doing it right? Especially when you are just starting out? Website construction can be too technical and hard to understand.

Common frustrations with websiteLet’s face it… most websites suck because they hardly generate any leads, let alone profits. When I ask people at conferences how their site is doing, what I typically hear is “it’s okay… for now” or “my friend is helping me out (but not sure how well it will turn out)”.

Are you a fitness professional who just accepts website is just too hard to figure out and getting only 1 or 2 clients every now and then is okay for your business. Hmmm… is that what you and your family really deserve?

I’m not here to tell you that you can’t handle a website on your own… many have tried. The sad fact is, there are many talented web designers out there… and yeah, they can make a great looking site for you and some will probably do it for a really low price point. But the problem is that most people fail to find the right help.

You Know Why?

Because creating a highly effective site is not about graphic design skills at all. It’s about the art and science of designing a great human (buying) experience for your target market. Typically, web designers have really no idea about SEO, lead generation, or direct response marketing; and in the fitness industry, you really need to be great at direct marketing.

Fitness Website Formula vs Other Similar Services

Fitness Website Formula
Other Similar Services
Quality of GraphicsOn a Competitive EdgeFair to average
Traffic ConversionMeasured, Top notchUnmeasured, Low
Search Engine OptimizationTop rankings for your service in your area.No ranking for your service in your area.
Customer ServiceExcellent, Flexible to your needsFair, Limited
Likelihood of keeping your site2 to 4 yrsA few months to 2 yrs
(Internal Data)

Some people like to do it themselves or have their ‘friend’ do it. Do you really have the time, energy and resources to trust your website to someone who may be uncertain about what works and what doesn’t work in the fitness industry? You know websites are not your expertise…

Focus on what you do best. You’ll be successful.

I recently talked to a trainer who invested over $5000 on a 5 page website and after a year, they got almost nothing in return. I’ve heard story after story about being let down or even being ripped off by someone who took advantage of them. They simply did not understand the technical challenges of creating a website, let along understanding how to instruct a designer to create an effective site. So, don’t just trust any web designer or company.

Seriously… but you do have to say “NO more zero-result, half-ass website!

shingo-fitness-web-designerDear Future Owner of a Successful Fitness Site,

My name is Shingo Suzumura. I’m a fitness-focused web designer/software engineer and I have been specifically focusing my career on helping personal trainers since 2009. Back in my cubicle years at web agencies, my co-workers used to call me ‘“hybrid” because it’s rare to see someone with a talent for both design and programming at the same time. My versatile web creation and online marketing skill became further enhanced over years of providing consultation for businesses.

As for Internet Marketing, I’ve had a few successful product launches of my own (the most recent generated $32,074 in 4 days, plus $4000+ per month in recurring business) and I have the latest, cutting edge training and experience with Search Engine Optimization. Other than that, I’m a father, former athlete, outdoor lover, and just a regular guy who has a passion for doing what he loves.

Over the years of serving fitness professionals, I have discovered a ‘formula’ for successful fitness websites – no matter the size or level of your business.

I’ve helped a variety of fitness businesses increase their bottom line – one company from Illinois in particular has increased the number of sign ups from their website more than 10 times on average per month. Can you imagine what increasing a number of prospects by just 3 times would do for your business?

The good news is that I’ve made this formula easy to implement for any local businesses in the fitness industry.

You see, to turn your site into the best sales rep you’ve ever had, you’ll want these:

  • High Traffic-Converting Website that Generates A Lot of Leads
  • Professional and Reliable Hosting and Technical Support
  • Training on Web Marketing (Mostly local SEO and online tactics)

This is EXACTLY what our service is designed for.

 Your website must first be designed to generate sign ups before you invest heavily on traffic. Traffic conversion is what we first and foremost focus on in your website. Too many people focus too much on just ranking and not enough on the return. Even IF your site gets a ton of traffic, if it’s is not designed properly or has the wrong set of tools, you are really letting your business down.

Our formulaic design with standing the ‘test of time’ will solve that. Plus, unlike other web design services, our service provides a complete solution that lasts you for years.

Our formula can be simply expressed as a set of tools and techniques used to increase client sign ups by sending the right kinds of traffic to your site and making them desire your service.

Here’s What Makes Your Site So Successful:

  • Highly Effective, Mobile Responsive Web Design (see demo)
  • Proven Formulas Backed by Happy Customers (see testimonials)
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • Powerful Yet Flexible Lead Generation System
  • Built-in SEO Enhancement Tools and Training
  • Salescopy Template for Customization
  • Comprehensive Site Management via Admin Screens
  • Productivity boosting Tools: SEO,Testimonial Management, SEO Page Generator, Appointment Booking
  • Analytics / Reports
  • Secure and Fast Hosting Environment
  • Tutorials and Reliable Ongoing Technical Support
  • Periodical New Feature Releases and Training



Here’s What’s in the New Version 3 “Lightning”


… and more!

Yep, We Have Done a Variety of Sites

New Group Personal Training Site Takes Off
We helped GFit Studios create their new branding and marketing-driven site for their new studio geared towards group training.
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Built for Seamless Online Registration
With group training classes, you want existing and new clients to easily sign up online. Well-designed sign up flow can help you scale up your business when you are expecting a large volume of members.
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Direct Response Site for Martial Arts
Built with marketing and SEO in mind from the ground up, the site quickly conveys the value of the service and makes it easy for new students to sign up for trials.
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A Large Personal Training Company Goes Direct Response
After seen some success with direct response marketing, the owner decides to create a fully direct response marketing site with a sales copy and social proof.
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Brand New Fitness Studio Starts Off Well
We helped Kevin from South Africa launch his brand new site for his new personal training center. He makes a very good use of his blog in attracting clients.
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Promote Multiple Services
When you want to promote multiple products and services on your site, our Studio theme is a perfect fit. It's designed to promote what's seasonal or timely while making it easy for people to navigate through the site.
Ikaika Fitness in Hawaii
Another recently launched site is Ikaika Fitness. If you are a personal trainer, your site needs to create a strong "personal" connection, develop an emotional excitement, and gain trust from your prospects. In some ways, a direct response personal training site like this is a "snapshot" of your service and the results you helped produce for your clients.
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Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say:

Desiree Ellis
Personal Training business owner
“Hiring FWF to build my websites was the best investment I've ever made for my business.”

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years and recently when I decided I wanted to take my personal training business to the next level I knew I had to get a professional website built in order to reach more potential clients.  When I met the guys at Fitness Website Formula at a fitness summit I was really impressed with what they had to show me and offer, so I decided to hire them right then because I could tell that it was just what I was looking for and I was not disappointed.  Hiring FWF to build my websites was the best investment I’ve ever made for my business.  These guys are just brilliant in the way they write and design your sales page to make both you and your business stand out. 

I’m so glad I met them first when I was looking for someone to build my website cause I don’t think there’s anyone out there that can do it better than them, these guys are genius.

I’m more confident in doing business now that I have a professional website that prospective clients can check out.  I’ve already been able to attract more leads in just the few short weeks my site’s been up.

If you’re just getting started or looking to take your business to the next level then I highly recommend you hire the FWF team to build your site.  It will be well worth your investment. They really work with you to make sure your site is designed to meet your needs and the entire staff was very friendly and easy to work with.

Thanks again to the entire FWF team, you guys are the best.

Lou Bagnaschi
Owner of Bootcamp in CA
“Not Even A Month... I've Already Gotten More Than 10 new Clients This Week”

No one holds a candle to your company’s customer service. I say that because I have a LOT of experience working with companies that make it extremely difficult to get help. Including a situation I’m in right now. So, I really, really appreciate you!

I’ve already gotten more than 10 new clients this week and I know it’s because of the website!!! I’m stoked!!

I absolutely love my new site. As soon as I get some more sales, I’m going to have you all create my blog site for me!

Sam Baktiar
“They Are Reliable, On-Time And Friendly, Not To Mention They Have Helped Me Make a Ton of Money...”

As a business owner I don’t have time to learn all the technical stuff. I am too busy working on my business and setting up systems. Their team did everything they said they were going to do and ON TIME for me like on auto-pilot. It was like night and day because I was tired of dealing with flaky people that took forever to get the job done. They are definitely a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend them to everyone.

Mark Avens
“Five Star Service For This Company, All The Way!”

FWF took my old golf fitness website, a website that didn’t bring traffic, wasn’t functional, and didn’t help my business grow into a site that not only draws traffic, but tells a story and conveys my message.

Five star service for this company, all the way! From the beginning of the development stage of my site, up until this moment where I have put a new challenge in front of them. Creating a brand new site and incorporating the two together.

Having a web presence to be proud of feels great and has helped put me at the forefront of my industry!Seeing all the crap that flows through the internet these days, It’s great to have found a company like FWF to trust!


Raj Thompson
Owner of Cutting Edge Sports Performance
Testimonial Picture
“This Is The Best Company...”

I would just like to say that Fitness Website Formula is the place to go to develop a site to your liking.  I went through two other crappy site builders that didn’t do things I wanted or made me do all the work.  Then Chris McCombs recommended FWF and I have to say that this isthe best company.  The staff was friendly and it was a pleasure to work with.  They were always quick to answer all my questions and didn’t wait a week to get back to me.  I just told them my ideas and they translated it into a nice blog page and a great logo.  So any fitness professional looking to have a blog that is superior go no further than fitness website formula.  Thanks to the staff that I worked with.  You guys are the best!

Clint Howard
Tulsa Fitness Systems
“Great Customer Service!”

I think Shingo and the Fitness Website Formula team do a tremendous job!  I’ve been very happy with my Adventure Boot Camp site and blog you all created for me and also your great customer service. I tell lots of fitness professionals about you guys and refer many people to you. I’m not sure if they purchase from you all or not but I’ll continue telling others good things and giving them your name and website.  I do know several other people who design fitness websites for cheaper but again, I like what you all do and wanted to check with you guys before I even talk with and get quotes from any other web designers.

They make sites like no one else I’ve seen and certainly know what they’re doing when it comes to building websites that are effective. They’re awesome to work with and I’m very happy with how my website performs!

Dan Go
Boot Camp Business Owner in Torono, Canada
“One of the Best Decisions I Made in My Business Career Is Dealing With Fitness Website Formula...”

My business is doing good!  Not exactly where I ultimately want it to be but it’s definately moving in the right direction now!! The product has been fantastic.  I have to say that it definitely works as I am getting at least 1-2 prospects every day.

I’m very satisfied with the product and the fast service time as well. I really do appreciate all you have done for me so far!  Keep up the good job!

Charlie Conefery
“I Would Recommend The FWF Team To Anyone!”

Dear Fitness Website Formula,
First of all I would like to thank you for the awesome website that you guys designed! From the get go your team was on the ball. Step by step Dana and the FWF team of designers were in contact with me walking me through the process. I couldnt be happier with the end result. My website is new, fresh, clean, and most of all very professional looking! I am ready to get my sales copy website up in the near future. I would recommend the FWF team to anyone looking for a top level fitness website! Thanks again!

Maryland - Owner of Personal Training Business
“Not Even A Week Since My Site Is Up - I Have Had 4 Leads Coming From It Already!”

“I really cannot even express how happy I am with the website that fitness formula created for me. My experience has been amazing and would recommend them to anyone in the fitness industry. The design team was creative and really took my vision and made it a reality. The sales copy was done perfectly. Most importantly the website was done in a timely manner and looked amazing. I have had my page up for not even a week and have had 4 leads come from it. I will be using their services in the future for designing postcards and other marketing materials. For anyone that is on the fence about hiring them just do it!! Take advantage of their services because they know what they are doing.

Jeron Eptin
“They Are Sincerely Compassionate And Took An Understanding To My Needs and Future Success...”

“First off let me say you guys at FWF freakin Kick-ass”  I’ve been trying to build this fitness company for the last two years and used two many different company’s to build a website that works.  First I built my own…failure, The three other companies I used sucked.  I would ask for one thing, when I come to check it out it would be totally different then what I asked…total crap.  finally I found Fitness website Formula.

Relentless to hire a another web company but, what the hell.  Everyone from FWF was very helpful, From the start they had super fast respond time, really asked every single question to make sure that they were giving me exactly what I wanted.  Un-like other companies in the past Fwf had my new fitness site done in just days not weeks or months.
I’ve had so many people asked… who did your site?  Dude that’s a really nice site, even people in other industries asked if FWF would build there sites (that just tell you, these guys are sick with the design and formats).

Not only FWF is the best fitness website building company, they care about your success.  
After recently been throwing money into other garbage sites  I was broke, but Fwf worked with me.  Having a new family and pouring hundreds to thousands of dollars into other no good sites which didn’t even work half of the time;  I couldn’t have done it without this FWF team.  They are sincerely compassionate and took an understanding to my needs and future success.

A web-site is a crucial part of your business, so when looking into web-sites do not go anywhere but Fitness Website Formula.  They truly are the best company and after working with them you too will feel a strong bond as I do.



So how much does Fitness Website Formula 3.0 cost?

Typically, a done-for-you website design and SEO service of this caliber will cost you more than $2,595. Even then, your site might not be fully mobile and tablet optimized, which is a big deal these days if you want your website to be truly competitive. Plus, you’ll need to do a lot of research figuring out what to include or not to mpanies offering a faster turn aroundon your site. The tactics and marketing strategies packed into this service would take you months to learn on your own. Let’s say your time is worth $20/hour and you spent 3-4 hours each week learning about how to build a successful website – then you pay some web guy $2000 to build your “site”. In just a month you’ve already spent $3000, and you’re just getting started!

With Fitness Website Formula and your commitment to success, I expect you will start doubling a number of leads you are currently getting from your site before you pay off your installments. The best part is you’ll have your new site up within a few short weeks so you can start getting a return of your investment right away.

Because I really want you to succeed – if you already have an existing site – I’ll roll up my sleeves and help you integrate the shopping cart or newsletter software you are using and transfer any content from your old site to the new one – just to show you how much our team is ready to go the extra mile to earn your business. That’s not all, as an added bonus, I’ll give you a “Done-For-You” video squeeze page for FREE. So you’ll get a 2nd lead generation site for the price of one!

stc-wrist-bandsIn addition, I will donate a portion of your order to the Stand Up To Cancer foundation, and I will send you an official “S^2C” wristband so we can show our support. It’s a fight I feel passionate about. Like too many of us, I’ve lost a loved one to a cancer battle and I truly believe all victims of cancer are a family that must help each other to fight it.

I want you to be as confident and comfortable about this decision as possible. And just in case you’re still a little skeptical, I want you to know you’re protected by our 100% No Risk Money Back guarantee.

The Absolute Conversion Formula Guarantee:

We only want to design an awesome website for people who will use it and benefit from it. Promote your business with your new site for 6 months; and if it does not generate any leads or simply does not rank on the top pages of Google, just let me know and we’ll send you a full refund. You are well-protected by this guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied.

However we’re confident the Conversion Formula will work for you, and it will bring new clients more than your old site. After all, our previous versions of the Formula already helped hundreds of fitness professionals. Click the Order button below to get the best fitness web designers in the industry working on your site. As soon as you complete checkout, you will get an email with instructions on how to get us started. It’s quick, easy and happens immediately after checkout.


Limited Space Available

Get Started with Easy Monthly Installments

$257/ month x 6
  • Get More Trafic & Leads
  • Tablets/Mobile Optimized
  • Easy to Update (WordPress)
  • Tracking & Reports
  • Full List of Features


Pro“Client Magnet”
$339/ month x 6
  • Everything on “Starter”, PLUS
  • Premium Design
  • Advance SEO
  • Custom Salescopy Writing
  • Premium Lead Generation
  • Full List of Features



We’re currently sold out. Email orders@fitnesswebsiteformula.com to be notified when we re-open.

Frequently Asked Qquestions

Q: How long does it take to build my site?

A: Creating a great site can be a long and complicated process! On average, a custom fitness web design takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 8 weeks. What’s more… you should also expect search engine optimization to kick in at least the same duration or longer. With Fitness Website Formula 3.0, we will work with you to target your launch within 2-3 weeks. If you hear other companies offering a faster turn around time, I would question scope and effectiveness of your site.

Q: Can I keep my current website address or do I need to get a new one?

A: If you want to keep your domain name, we will do everything we can to help you control the ownership of it. In some cases, it might make more sense to get a new domain name that is search engine friendly. You can always do a domain forwarding from your branded or short domain to a new one.

Q: Do you write content copy or do I supply that?

A: We have a template you can use, but we always encourage our customers to come up with a unique copy because search engines are hungry for fresh new content (and you tend to rank higher). If you prefer to have someone else write copies for you, consider adding our custom salescopy writing service to your order.

Listen, this new service is heavily loaded with years of my experience and knowledge designing a fitness website and learning online marketing. I’ve put together the best features and all the support you will need to succeed even after the site is launched (something that your average local web design guy or gal won’t do).

Let’s do it right starting now. Let’s not waste any more of your time and money right now by having Fitness Website Formula team build the most effective website you’ve ever had.

To your success,

Shingo Suzumura and the team
CEO / Fitness Website Formula

P.S. A few weeks from now, you will either be on your way to making more money or losing those extra leads and opportunities to your competitors’ websites. It’s time to get your site professionally done and working for your success and for people you care about, and the Fitness Website Formula team has the best track record in the industry for doing just that.

Click the “Add to Cart” button to easily get started online anywhere in the world. Or, if you have any questions, call us at 800-577-6322.

P.P.S. Today is the best day for you to say goodbye to your old, underperforming website – you know your business deserves a better website! Our service is popular and this program will fill up quickly and we closed it after a few weeks on the last launch. Future pricing is guaranteed to increase so sign up today!

Disclaimers: I have to mention that this program is only for serious action takers. If you are expecting to automatically get more money by simply staring at and not promoting your new site, this is not for you. It takes dedication, action and time to succeed at anything in life and I take no blame for not getting results because you did not do anything other than clicking the order button. Also I’m legally required to say results mentioned in testimonials on this site are not typical. Your results may vary depending on how much effort you put into the program.