Due to many requests, we decided to introduce some of the new back-end features of our marketing platform. Track and manage all of your leads; update your testimonials; and create landing pages on the fly with our easy-to-use tools. Together, these features enable you to track the bottom-line performance of your website and ensure success of your marketing efforts.



Lead Tracking

With Fitness Website Formula’s lead tracking software, tracking leads and converting them into real clients is easier than ever! With our organized software, you can track who signed up for what and keep all your data in a safe, easy-to-read database. Manage all of your leads and see which marketing campaign a lead came from, keep up to date contact information, and see all relevant information to help you convert more leads. It also keeps a running total on conversions and gives you a conversion percentage for each time frame.



Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics provides some great pre-configured reports to work with out of the box, but the ability to customize and build your own reports from scratch is what allows marketers to gain truly valuable insights from the tool. Not only is this a huge time saver, it’s also a great way to get ideas for reports you might not otherwise think to create. After all, you’ve got access to the templates and systems that some of the best thinkers in analytics use on a day-to-day basis, and you can customize them even further according to your needs!



Testimonial Management

In the fitness industry, we all know how valuable client testimonials can be toward your business and how useful they can be toward marketing your business. With our awesome testimonial management, you can create visually appealing and SEO-friendly testimonials without design or coding work. Choose your own layout and style options to really showcase your products & services with “social proof”. Easily upload and place testimonials in any content area. Grouping, filters, and ordering make it quick & easy to manage dozens of testimonials simultaneously. Less time spent allows you to focus more on marketing. 



Page Templates

With our fully customizable WordPress templates, make your site look how you want. WordPress has various template features that make it easier than ever to customize the look of your site. Create your own landing pages, squeeze pages, headers and footers, you name it! You also have the option to create your own custom template to use again later or publish for other to use.

These are just some of our marketing tools and many more are currently being developed and planned to be released in the near future.