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Body Sculptors

BioFit Performance, a premier 14,000 sq. ft. fitness and wellness center nestled in Oviedo, FL.

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Before Fitness Website Formula

Body Sculptors is a private personal training sanctuary nestled in Louisville, KT, specializing in tailoring diet and exercise regimens to aid weight loss.

Established by Jeff Fries in 2007, the studio aims to tailor tried-and-tested fitness programs to suit individual needs.

Despite a decade in operation, Jeff found that client acquisition fell short of his aspirations. Despite maintaining a loyal base of approximately 30 clients, consistent lead generation proved elusive for Jeff, hindering the acquisition of new customers. Additionally, Jeff sought to broaden his online training initiatives, recognizing the necessity to enhance his digital presence to facilitate this expansion.

Following a disappointing encounter with a previous marketing firm, Jeff embarked on a quest to find a new team of marketing specialists capable of steering his business toward its desired trajectory. In May 2017, Jeff stumbled upon Fitness Web Formula through Google search and soon after engaged in his inaugural consultation with Shingo. During this pivotal meeting, Jeff candidly shared the myriad challenges his business encountered and outlined his aspirations for the future.

“From day one I was super pleased with the quality of their work.”

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Collaboratively, Jeff and FWF devised a comprehensive plan to rejuvenate Body Sculptors’ online presence, cultivate a consistent influx of new leads, and establish a high-quality online training program leveraging the FitMeal Formula.

Merely two months post-initial consultation, Body Sculptors unveiled a fresh website, swiftly generating the sought-after leads for Jeff. FWF concurrently launched a targeted direct response campaign aimed at potential clients, while also integrating the FitMeal Formula to furnish the new website with an unparalleled nutrition coaching platform.

“Fitness Web Formula stood by me every step of the way,” Jeff remarked. “Right from the start, I was exceedingly impressed with the caliber of their work.”

These strategic initiatives effectively attracted new clients and propelled Body Sculptors in the desired direction. Within months of enlisting FWF’s services, Jeff witnessed a staggering fivefold increase in new personal training leads compared to before.

“My site now generates significantly more leads than it did previously,” Jeff affirmed. “The sales copy, craftsmanship, and layout of my website have all seen vast improvements.”

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Thanks to Jeff’s dedication and FWF’s marketing expertise, Body Sculptors has experienced remarkable growth, transitioning from a sole mobile trainer to a studio owner with a team of personal trainers in just three years.

  • Since joining forces with FWF, Body Sculptors has seen a substantial increase in lead generation, skyrocketing from a mere 2 leads per month to an average of 12 leads monthly for private training. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the newly revamped website attracted 161 new clients in 2020 alone. Looking ahead, FWF aims to further enhance website traffic through advanced SEO strategies and ad management.
  • “I truly feel valued as a customer,” Jeff emphasized. “Whenever I approach them with a concern or website-related need, they respond promptly. As a business owner, their responsiveness means the world to me.”

“I definitely recommend them and I promise you won’t regret hiring them.”

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