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Rather than give up, I researched who was the best company when it comes to fitness websites. You were the answer to my prayers. You guys did a great job with my resent sales on my website. Again, thank you very much for having my back!!”

Case Study: Jari Love

Before Fitness Website Formula…

Before partnering with Fitness Web Formula, Jari Love was already a renowned personal trainer selling a million copies of DVDs. She had her own gym and a successful online store. Then in 2017, her online sales started to decline by over 60%. Jari had to end her 10-year partnership with a previous marketing company due to major violations in agreements. She was emotionally and physically weak.

FWF partnered with Jari and took action in the necessary areas.

Here’s what FWF did for Jari Love:

  • Began new marketing campaigns
  • Successfully launched new products
  • Built a trustworthy relationship
  • Brought confidence back into her work.

“FWF partnered with Jari and took action in the necessary areas. ”

What we did to increase her sales …

Once collaboration began between Jari Love and Fitness Web Formula, initial work started to re-energize the company. FWF gave her website an overhaul, revamp the content, improved performance, and fixed security issues.

One of their most successful campaigns was the “Black Friday Sale” in 2019. FWF launched a weekly content marketing campaign to warm-up Jari’s email list in the months leading up to the Black Friday sale. Jari Love doubled her engagement rates, which led to a 224% increase in her November revenue over the previous year.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the fitness industry. FWF was sure to have strong strategies in hand to maintain the momentum we had created. We quickly shifted to an online digital product with a recurring subscription to meet her customers’ needs and keep

“Jari Love doubled her engagement rates, which led to a 224%”

and keep revenue coming in. The new “Get Ripped!® Membership” launched with a 10-day marketing campaign that combined her existing list with text and email campaigns and a landing page. FWF successfully launched the product and boosted sales in the store. Combining these tactics led to immediate progress in Jari Love’s company in both sales and profit

What a Difference!

Fitness Web Formula built a strong foundation for Jari Love to grow in both marketing and sales. In two short years, Jari Love went from being a struggling company to an excelling one restoring her previous glorious revenue. Her revenue in June and July of 2020 increased by 477%, compared to the exact same months in 2018 since she hired FWF. FWF has short and long term strategies to continue this amazing revenue trajectory.

In addition to revenue, Jari Love now feels more confident in her work. She is an excellent example to show that collaborating with experts would restructure and increase revenue even if you are a struggling company. FWF contribution added significant value to Jari Love’s growth in factors that range from profits, personal confidence in work, and generating a strong online presence.

Key Marketing Strategies Provided by FWF:

1. We helped her launch the Get RIPPED! (R) Membership, a brand new product meets the de-mands of training at home because of COVID -19 and boosting her sales.

2. Redefined her brand and online persona with FitBrand Profile. This combined audience and market research with clear, consistent marketing messages.

3. Built a beautiful, modern website optimized for conversions

4. Re-engaged her email list and drove sales with a long-term content marketing strategy and compelling.

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