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My online coaching business has experienced astronomical growth after working with Fitness Website Formula. I get over 100 new leads a month.”

Case Study: Reggie C Fitness

Before Fitness Website Formula…

Reggie Collier is the owner of Signature Physiques in Houston, Texas and online coaching service Reggie C Fitness. He hired Fitness Website Formula in February 2016 when he realized he needed professional help to grow his online training business. He had no web presence besides a Facebook page and got the majority of his clients through referrals. He needed an organized system to manage his online training clients and potential leads.

“He hired FWF in February 2016 when he realized he needed professional help to grow his online training business.”

After Collaborating With Us …

Reggie decided to collaborate with Fitness Website Formula after discovering it from a Google search. He was impressed by its reputation as industry leaders in fitness web design and decided to work with Fitness Website Formula team to create his vision of an online coaching platform. While his website was being constructed, Fitness Website Formula assisted Reggie in kickstarting a social media marketing campaign to get the word out about his life changing services.

“He immediately started getting sign ups on his website”

His website was launched shortly after and was right in line with Reggie’s vision and designed well to convert his targeted leads. He immediately started getting signs ups on his website and his conversion rate continued to increase.

What a Difference!

Reggie C Fitness is one of Fitness Website Formula’s top clients with an average of 171 leads a month. His website reached over 57,000 views in just over a year and that number keeps growing. The implementation of unique marketing strategies along with his intuitive website attracts hundreds of clients with its clear call to action and astounding testimonials.

Reggie’s business is proof that hiring an industry expert is a business transforming decision when choosing a website design and marketing company. Fitness Website Formula’s understanding of fitness marketing resulted in the astronomical growth of Reggie C Fitness immediately after the website went live. Fitness Website Formula has perfected its marketing strategies which leave its clients like Reggie with no trial and error period. Once he signed up to work with Fitness Website Formula, his company only improved.

Reggie is looking forward to watching his company continue to thrive with the help of Fitness Website Formula.

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