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April 24, 2018

Design and Business Branding That Sells

A quality website is one of the most important investments a company can make. A clean and well organized online presence that effectively shares a brands core message and values cannot be overlooked.

A well-branded company has a website that:

  • Generates interest
  • Shows what it can do better than anyone else
  • Proves that it is trustworthy and reliable
  • Shows market authority and value

Successful Branding for Instagram Star Bella Falconi

Here at Fitness Website Formula, we have worked with several high profile clients to establish a strong personal brand message that is designed to attract their target audience. One of our clients Bella Falconi is a Brazilian fitness model with over 3.2 million Instagram followers. She needed a website that her large following could use to sign up for her online coaching service. We created a clean and easy to navigate website with a streamlined design and strong personal branding.

One brand marketing strategy that is commonly used in the fitness marketing world is making the reader feel like they are apart of something. The goal for Bella’s website was to make each visitor feel like they are the perfect candidate to join Bella’s fitness movement and purchase a plan from her online coaching business. The website is designed to evoke emotion with quotes that target the consumer and motivate them to take action and become apart of this inspiring group of people. Her new website brands her as an authority in the online coaching market with her catchy headlines, thoughtful testimonials, and consistent color scheme.

Personal Branding that Led to Location Expansion

You don’t have to be a high profile fitness star to benefit from personal branding and a well designed website. One of our clients OC FIT just opened their 6th location after working with us for over four years. We have used their website to help them develop a strong brand identity that is recognized throughout Southern California. Their website brands them as industry leaders in the Southern California fitness market and as a result, they have been very successful and continue to open new locations to meet the high demand for their services.

The brand marketing strategy we used is the creation of a “villain” or something that the brand can combat and beat. We branded OC FIT’s villain to be the extra pounds people want to get rid of, which gave them a competitive edge against other gyms in the area. Our goal was to make OC FIT the go to place in Orange County for weight loss, which was successfully achieved through their website’s branding.

Their growth to several new locations is a direct result of strategic branding and great website design. When customers go to OC FIT’s website, they can tell right away that they are a reputable gym just from their first glance. This encourages people to stay on their website and explore their deals – resulting in big sales!

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