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August 24, 2017

End Your Year With Big Profits

With December just around the corner, it is time you put some serious thought into your business’s marketing strategy. November is the perfect month to start preparing for the end of the year rush that can turn your business from stagnant to booming. You need a plan that will get new leads into your studio so you can grow your business and increase your profits.

Not sure where to start?

Brainstorm Christmas and New Years specials. Whether it’s a weight loss challenge, a discount on classes, or a new member special – you need a plan. Research what your competitors did last year and see how you can top them. Once you decide the specials you are going to offer, decide how you are going to market them. Do you need to draft up a blast email? Design graphics to post on Facebook? Budget for boosted posts on Instagram? Ensure your marketing success by creating a detailed outline with deadlines so you are prepared and ready to go for the holiday season.


Once you have a timeline down, is your website designed to attract leads and close deals? Does your website have an “add to cart” option following a free trial so people can purchase classes or a membership from the convenience of their home or smartphone? If not, this is the time to get that done. Website changes do not happen overnight and it is important to do these things before it gets too late. Is your class information, testimonials, and prices up to date? During the end of the season rush, potential clients will be comparing your services to others in the area – make sure your business stands out!

Get quality leads this season with industry leading website strategies. 

Website are an excellent way to get quality and consistent leads every month without doing much extra work if they are designed correctly. Once your new website is up and running, the SEO and lead generating design should get new clients through your doors in no time. Our websites are designed by fitness marketing experts and are proven to increase leads. One of our clients The Worx by Maia went from getting an average of 20 leads a month to an average of 82 after her website launched. This is just one of the hundreds of success stories that our clients have experienced.

Make any website changes before the season starts.

If you want to change anything regarding your business, staff, or management system, change it now. Do you need to hire another receptionist? Do you want to get a more consistent stream of leads from your website? Make these changes now while business is manageable because once the holiday season begins, you will not have time to make these changes with your large influx of new clients. These changes will improve your business and attract even more clients by the end of the year.

Taking advantage of the holiday season is one the best things you can do for your business. People are want to start off the new year healthy and you can give them exactly what they want. Follow these tips and get ready for your most successful holiday season yet!


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