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September 21, 2016

Fitness Website Design Done Right

Welcome to Fitness Website Formula!

Your website is the most visible aspect of your business. In order to attract customers to your door, it’s extremely important that you have a professional, well-functioning site. However, you shouldn’t have to do it yourself! For optimal results, you need a team like Fitness Website Formula to craft your website for you.

In the fitness web design industry, we separate ourselves from the rest by offering an extensive package of unique solutions and by devoting our work to your convenience and success. Since 2008, Fitness Website Formula has been turning average websites into lead-generating machines. We love to make companies stand out.

Whether you have a website or you are looking to build one, our features are guaranteed to enhance your online presence drastically. Here’s what we offer:  


For You For Your clients
Advanced SEO Shopping Cart
Webmaster Support Membership Option
Marketing Kit Schedule
Annual Re-Design Blog Posts



New Search Optimized Website

To get you started, we provide you with a domain name, along with a full package of tools and apps to make it easy to work with us. We want you to be in charge, but we’re here to help.

Webmaster Support

Each month you are given up to 5 hours of webmaster service. Have questions? We have answers. Our professionals are just one call away.

Marketing Kit

We hook you up with special banners and flyers that you can use for seasonal promotions, festivities, etc. Have fun with them!

Annual Re-Design

Every year, your site is updated with improved themes and designs. We want to keep you at the cutting-edge of web design.  

Mobile App (iOS/Droid)

Our mobile-friendly website includes apps that allow you to refer a friend, use push notifications and engage in social media.  

Blogging / Newsletter

Each month, we provide you with 2 unique blog posts and 1 newsletter (both keyword optimized and pinged). Your clients will love to see that your site is up to date.

Lead Pages

We provide you with cool contests and seminar layouts to get your clients involved. All of them are “done-for-you” templates to make your job easy.  

SEO / PPC Campaigns

We create a long-term strategy for your website, guaranteed to significantly increase traffic to your page over time. This is a sure-fire way to get more customers!



-Shopping Cart

Shopping cart gives people the option to purchase more than one item on your website in a quick and easy way. All it takes is a few clicks for them to buy your goods.

-Membership Option

Offering memberships is the perfect way for customers to build a lasting relationship and to build trust with your company.


When potential clients see a workout schedule on your page, they are already thinking about what classes will work for them. Get them one step closer to joining your team!

-Question Forum

It is common for customers to have a lot of questions after looking at your site. By providing a forum for them to add their name and email, along with any questions, you help your clientele to familiarize with your business.

-Incentive Discounts

“Sign up TODAY and receive your first week free” is an example of an incentive discount. Both parties benefit from this strategy; you get a new customer, and he/she receives a great deal.


Our services are fast and affordable

Your site is fully equipped and ready to launch within 6-7 weeks of joining us. With plans starting at just $297, our top-ranking websites come at an affordable price.

Ultimately, our goal at Fitness Website Formula is to take on the heavy lifting of your marketing campaign in order to make your job easier, and your company more visible to prospective customers.

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