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November 12, 2015

Fitpro Newsletter – Software Review

The internet is a giant library of information about nutrition, health and fitness. Today people receive a lot of information about health and fitness on a daily basis, from infomercials, websites, blogs – all of which are claiming to be trustworthy and the “new thing” to follow. 

So how do we cut through the clutter and noise? How can you gain a trust from other people even before they become your prospects? 

Newsletter might be your answer.

But… it’s time consuming! Or… what’s the best way? One might ask.

We recommend the FitPro Newsletter, one we have found works for the most fitness owners to target the majority of their clients, providing consistent and reliable information.


FitPro Newsletter

Reasons We Like FitPro:

CEO and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp and world renowned fitness marketing expert, Bedros Keuilian, created the FitPro newsletter. It’s an excellent, automative marketing tool. Not only does it provide your clients and prospects with quality weekly content, it’s written and designed to generate new leads and referrals for your business. It does the work for you, so you can focus on your business.

The content is easy, quick and fun to read. The language isn’t embellished or wordy; it’s all written clearly and concisely. The articles aren’t too lengthy, it’s perfect for busy readers who are looking for quick tips on healthy eating and exercises. It’s easy to scroll through and get the main points of the article without spending a long time on the page.

An added bonus: each article shares a healthy recipe for your clients to try. Yum!

Another reason we like FitPro is that they have quickly improved their features quite a bit over the past 12-24 months, and now it’s so much more than just a newsletter software. It includes squeeze pages, auto-responders, tracking and reports, and Facebook integration to just name a few. It is becoming a modern and easy-to-use powerful tool for all of your email marketing needs.

Things to Be Aware of Before Signing Up:
  • The articles are intended for a “general weight loss audience”, targeting the young to mid-40 demographics: If the majority of your clients are youth or seniors and they are not seeking weight loss, you will have to rewrite most of automated articles to fit your audience.
  • Not everything is quite “automated” as you like: It’s most effective if you take the time to customize it. If you decide to sign up with FitPro, we recommend taking the time to insert your logo, some photos of yourself/business onto the page, that way it looks more professional. It also might be a good idea to upload a personalized banner and personalize your auto-responder messages too.
  • Do your research on pricing: Depending on how you look at it, you might think FitPro is a bit pricey. If you can provide your own content, you can use MailChimp, Aweber, or other generic newsletter software to do most of what FitPro does. They are typically half the price. However, FitPro does have large discounts on 1 year and 2 year plans that make their price competitive.
  • One of the most sought-after fitness marketing coaches in the world has created the FitPro Newsletter.
  • FitPro’s content is quick, fun and easy to read and each article comes with a ton of reliable information that helps you build a stronger relationship with your subscribers.
  • FitPro can add so much value to your service for little time needed to get your email subscribers going.

Hope you find this information useful. FitPro Newsletter is highly recommended, depending on the needs of your clients and your business.

FitPro Newsletter

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