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August 8, 2017

How to Have a Profitable Summer

Summer is the season for lazy days by the pool, relaxing vacations, and good times in the sun. While this is all fun, it often puts fitness professionals in a tough spot because fewer people are coming to their gyms and scheduling training sessions. Most trainers will just accept that summer is a slow season and not do anything to adjust their marketing strategy to continue increasing leads.

With just a few changes to your marketing strategy, summer does not have to be your slow season. Summer is a great time to get in shape and people are receptive to trainers who want to help them feel confident in themselves. With the right strategies, you can continue to increase your leads and get new clients during the slowest time of the year.

Run a Bikini Body Challenge

No one wants to feel uncomfortable in a bikini. Hosting a one-month bikini body challenge is an excellent way to get existing clients to continue coming to your gym and reach out to new clients who are looking for a fast and effective fat blasting workout to get them ready for bathing suit season. Provide the participants with weekly workouts and a nutrition plan so they feel like they have all the tools they need to get in their best shape fast.

Open the challenge up to non-members for a special price so you attract new clients that could potentially join your gym after trying out your services. Create a Facebook group for the participants so they can share workout and meal tips and spread the word about your program.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Use the most popular social media network in the world to tell people about your upcoming Bikini Body Challenge or to remind people about your services this summer. Facebook Ads will target your specific audience with zip code targeting so the right people are learning about your summer specials.

The average Facebook user spends one hour a day on the social network. This provides an excellent opportunity to reach potential clients and grow your business this summer while your competitors are slowing down.

Know Your Customer’s Summer Schedule

Think about who comes to your gym and what they are doing this summer. Do you have any kids that work out at your studio? Summer is not the time to create any kind of challenge for kids because they are not in school and do not have much structure in their day. Focus on your clientele that will commit to something like a Bikini Body Challenge or training sessions.

Do a lot of parents come to your gym that will be taking a few vacations this summer? Develop a post-vacation workout and nutrition plan that will help them to get on track after indulging and relaxing. Knowing your audience is key to keeping your clients working out this summer.

Use Fitness Website Formula’s Web and Marketing Services

Whether it’s a Facebook campaign, a high converting web page, or a click funnel, we have the expertise you need to have a profitable summer. Let us handle your marketing campaign so you can focus on training your clients and developing new programs for your studio. Contact us today to get started on your summer marketing campaign.

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