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September 24, 2015

Introducing Monthly Reports!

Starting next month, all of our Fitness Website Formula marketing clients will receive monthly reports! This informative report includes traffic, search engine rankings, site analysis, and individually customized task updates indicating completed goals we accomplished in the prior month.

Every month on the 15th, our clients will have the opportunity to review their:

  • Search Engine rankings from Google and Bingreport-rankings
  • Site Audit, which measures how well their site is put together and what aspects of it still need fixing (that we will be working on to improve) 
  • Google Analytics, an overview of their website traffic data such as bounce rates
  • Individual Task Report of improvements Fitness Website Formula has completed for them that month

Why is this significant for us? These reports will help us work closer with our clients to see what aspects of their websites are working and what needs to be changed or updated. As a marketing company, we are always striving to improve and adapt our client’s websites to be more marketable and of high quality. We are excited that these tools will help our clients to understand their website’s progress and easily see their performance of their site. The reports will be sent via email – stay tuned!


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