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January 26, 2016

Introducing Our New Program

Great news, guys!

We are starting an affiliate program!

If you are interested in earning $200 towards your account or a Visa gift card, then consider applying to our affiliate program to refer your friends or colleagues sign up with us.

We want to help leverage some mutual benefits, both for you and for us. Our goal is to spread your brand awareness and market your business in a way to create more leads for us. Generating 1,000 new leads for our clients was our objective for 2015 – and we are 90% there!

We want to step it up for 2016. We are always aiming to improve our marketing platforms and features and we think our affiliate program will be a great way to help us boost multiple brands in a collective and valuable way!

Right now we are in the early stages of developing tracking and marketing tools for it; we will keep you updated with more information as it is being constructed.

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