Is There Really a Benefit to Ditching Sugar From Your Diet?

Have you ever thought about going sugar-free? What would it be like? How will your body feel? Well, I’m here to help answer some of those queries.

I was inspired after reading a sugar-free eating article by food blogger, Jessie. She discusses her transition from a sugar and carb filled diet to a more clean-eating, nutritional one. Here’s what I took away from her post:

  • When you go sugar-free it takes your body some time to adapt to not receiving sugary foods. You’ll go through intense craving withdrawals (I mean think about it: sugar is a drug after all.) for about a week or so.
  • After you get over the hump of the horrible cravings, you’ll start to feel amazing. Jessie says after giving up sugar she no longer had migraine headaches and her body and mind felt less fatigued.
  • She even took it a step further by saying that she began to have a clearer mind and her focus improved significantly. Wow. That’s a strong statement!

After reading Jessie’s blog it seems like a no-brainier, right? Let’s all give up sugar and feel great! But when you think about it, refined sugar is in so many foods and products we use every day: ketchup, flavored yogurt, your Starbucks’ latte. You’d have to give up all of this, which makes pulling this off a lot harder when you really sit down and think about it.

Is there a middle ground?

For those of us who don’t want to go extreme by giving up all sugar, don’t fret! There is hope! Consider cutting down on your intake of your morning pastry and sugary coffee drink. You don’t necessarily have to cut all sugar out of your diet, but consider giving up some of it. You will definitely see a difference! You’ll slim down and your mood swings will decrease. According to an article from Allure’s, “Give It Up: Do Gluten-, Dairy-, and Sugar-Free Diets Work?” sugar causes your glucose, and energy, levels to spike then plummet. Even simply decreasing your intake of sugar will cause you body to reach equilibrium and balance.


So yes, there definitely are benefits to cutting sugar out of your diet; all the more power to you if you decide to take that leap and eliminate sweets altogether. But you don’t have to go all in and commit to being fully sugar-free there are ways to cut sugar out of your diet to slim down and feel healthier.


Natalie M.

Natalie comes from a newspaper background with experience in field research, interviews and writing. She loves marketing and supports Fitness Website Formula’s mission in helping fitness professionals inspire our society with health and fitness.

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