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September 16, 2015

Tips for a Compelling Landing Page

Landing Pages are the bread and butter that draw in clients. They’re informative, direct, and can really tie a website together. Many times it’s the first impression of your site that a potential lead will see. So it’s crucial to have one that motivates them to learn more about your services by entering their information and becoming a full lead.

Here at Fitness Website Formula, we understand how crucial a great landing page is for our clients. We feel driven to create pages that not only stand out, but drive in sales; turning leads into loyal clients. 

Ultimately, a good landing page should encompass these eight aspects:

  1. Catchy headline
  2. Compelling offer(s)
  3. Informative videos and tips (i.e. weight loss, etc)
  4. Strategic placement for subscriptions/sign up forms
  5. Scarcity factor (e.g. limited time offer)
  6. Social proof (e.g. testimonials)
  7. Mobile optimization
  8. Strong call to action (flow of copy itself)

Below are examples of landing pages we have recently created for our clients.


Back to School Back to Fit Lift Life Results San Diego6 Week Body Transformation Challenge Easy Fitness Marina del Rey

But what’s the difference between a “good” landing page and successful one? Maybe you have some or all of these eight tips already on your website but still aren’t turning a profit. With our Fitness Website Formula, we utilize all eight aspects and turn our clients into successful business owners through our compelling landing pages we tailor make for their business needs.

How do we do this?

  • We use our direct-response driven web designs to draw in leads for our clients
  • We are experienced in sales copy writing so our client’s leads take action
  • Our client’s websites have a high rate of traffic conversion
  • We have a proven sales funnel for our client’s websites
  • Last but not least, we constantly measure and improve our process

We know how challenging it is to create a website on your own that brings in sales. You are running a business and you need all the help you can get.

Let us help you out!

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