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July 20, 2016

How to Choose the Right Fitness Marketing Company

When it comes to selecting the right fitness marketing company, it’s important to work with the one that best suites your needs. With so many options to choose from, finding the best fit can be hard. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you through it.

Here are five important criteria you should consider before making a decision:

  1. An effective design for lead generation
  2. Traffic strategy
  3. Performance monitoring
  4. Saves time and energy
  5. Return on Investment

Challenge 1: An Effective Design for Lead Generation

Be sure to look for a web design company that speaks your clients’ language. Testimonials, promotions, and videos are a few ways of engaging prospects. Most of all, clients want reassurance that your services really work.

Challenge 2: Traffic Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to your website’s online visibility. SEO is the act of using relevant keywords on your site so that you are easily accessible on any search engine. Finding a web designer that implements this strategy will guarantee a stronger online presence for your company.

Challenge 3: Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is the best way to analyze your website’s online success. Although rare, a fitness marketing company that provides this tool is committed to improving your site.

Challenge 4: Saving Time and Energy

We know time is money. An experienced fitness marketing company should do their job efficiently so that you can focus on yours.

Challenge 5: Return on Investment

Look for a company that understands that the primary role of a website is to drive business. Every aspect of your website should be structured to lead clients to your door.

Here is a chart comparing five key solutions between various website options:



Since 2008, Fitness Website Formula has effectively implemented a wide range of solutions introduced below to help professionals just like you.

Solution 1: Professional & High Converting Design for Lead Generation

Like I said before, prospects want concrete evidence that your services create results. For that reason, our websites are equipped with client testimonials, product promotions, and interactive videos to catch your customer’s eye. See how we do it here »

Solution 2: Highly Focused & Long Lasting Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization strategy will increase your online presence by making your website visible and relevant to potential clients. This results in natural, organic traffic with high commercial intent.

Solution 3: Monthly Performance Monitoring & Improvements

Fitness Website Formula is committed to constant improvement. Don’t worry! As your marketing partners, we will take on the task of improving your site. Through Google Analytics, we assess your website’s overall success to see what we can do better. Perfection is a process that we enjoy.

Solution 4: Convenience

As a pioneer of fitness web design, we have honed our services to make your job easier. After gathering your input through in-depth interviews and site analysis, our team takes on the heavy lifting of the project. We offer a user-friendly proprietary tool, allowing you to be in charge of your site without dealing with the technicalities. We use our experience to cater to your needs.

Solution 5: Proven Track Records for ROI

Ultimately, your website’s goal should be to drive revenue. Using strategic structure and language, we craft your site to convert prospects into clients.

[pullquote type=”right” cite=”Ian Weinberg, Owner of Ian Fitness”]“I am 100 percent satisfied with the work Fitness Website Formula has done for me.”[/pullquote]

We separate ourselves from other web designers by offering an extensive package of solutions and by devoting our work to your convenience and success.

You need the complete package. Fitness Website Formula is fully-armed with effective marketing tactics, driving results for quality fitness companies since 2008.

Not sure what you need on your site? View our all-inclusive plans here.

The work our clients do every day inspires us to create life-changing web designs that match the hard work and dedication they fuel into their businesses.

We got you covered.

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