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Jack City Fitness By Marshall.

Jack City Fitness, located in Boise, Idaho, is a partnership-focused fitness center driven by results.

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Jack City Fitness is a partnership-focused fitness center driven by results

Marshall Weber, the owner, is committed to offering personalized support and guidance to every client, ensuring they achieve their fitness objectives. With an impressive 87% client retention rate, Jack City Fitness stands as a testament to the satisfaction and success of its clientele.

Marshall’s primary obstacle isn’t retaining clients; it’s generating leads. Situated in Boise, ID, a city with the highest concentration of gyms per capita in the nation, Jack City Fitness faced the challenge of distinguishing itself in a fiercely competitive market. Implementing a partnership-based business model enabled them to enhance their value proposition and client retention rates. While Marshall initially managed design and marketing internally, he soon recognized that effective promotion of fitness services requires more than just an appealing color scheme and DIY marketing efforts.

“Jack City Fitness needed to differentiate their facility to stand out in such a competitive market”

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Fed up with unsuccessful website marketing endeavors, Marshall opted to enlist the expertise of the web marketing professionals at Fitness Website Formula.

With our assistance, Jack City Fitness underwent a comprehensive website and marketing transformation, yielding immediate and desired results. Unlike its predecessor, the new website featured a clear call to action, prominent selling points, and a streamlined explanation of services. Within just three months of the website’s launch, Jack City Fitness doubled its leads, now averaging 21 leads per month!

Marshall saw his Leads Double!

Marshall expresses gratitude for the wealth of insights gained through his experience with website marketing, stating, “I’ve gleaned invaluable knowledge from the FWF team. As we continue to expand, we remain committed to learning and adapting to each stage of our business growth.”

Marshall greatly values Fitness Website Formula’s commitment to comprehending his business model and market dynamics. With Jack City Fitness experiencing rapid growth, the FWF team remains closely aligned, delivering site updates, marketing collateral, and innovative strategies to adapt to the evolving landscape. Marshall lauds their prompt communication and the exceptional quality of their websites.

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