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Case Study

Jari Love

Before Fitness Website Formula

Prior to teaming up with Fitness Web Formula, Jari Love had already established herself as a renowned personal trainer, having sold a million copies of her DVDs and running a successful online store alongside her gym. She faced a significant downturn in online sales, plummeting by over 60%. Additionally, Jari had to terminate a 10-year partnership with a previous marketing company due to serious agreement violations, leaving her emotionally and physically drained.

Recognizing the need for change, Jari enlisted the support of Fitness Web Formula, who swiftly took action in critical areas.

Here’s what FWF did for Jari

  • Began new marketing campaigns
  • Successfully launched new products
  • Built a trustworthy relationship
  • Brought confidence back into her work.

“FWF partnered with Jari and took action in the necessary areas.!”

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After Working With Us

What we did to boost sales

Upon partnering with Jari Love, Fitness Web Formula revamped her website, refined content, improved performance, and addressed security issues.

Our standout “Black Friday Sale” campaign in 2019, supported by weekly content marketing, doubled Jari’s engagement rates and led to a remarkable 224% increase in November revenue compared to the previous year.

“Jari Love doubled her engagement rates, which led to a 224%”

The launch of the new ‘Get Ripped!® Membership’ involved a 10-day marketing blitz, leveraging Jari’s existing email list alongside targeted text and email campaigns, as well as a dedicated landing page. Fitness Web Formula orchestrated a successful product launch, resulting in increased sales and revenue for Jari Love’s business. This integrated approach yielded immediate progress, driving growth in both sales and profits.

See The Difference!

Fitness Web Formula established a robust foundation for Jari Love’s marketing and sales growth. In just two years, her struggling company has transformed into a thriving enterprise, reclaiming its former revenue glory.

Since partnering with FWF, revenue in June and July of 2020 surged by 477% compared to the same months in 2018. With FWF’s strategic planning, this impressive revenue trajectory is set to continue. Jari Love’s journey underscores the power of collaborating with experts, resulting in increased profits, personal confidence, and a strengthened online presence.

Key Marketing Strategies Provided by FWF

  • We helped her launch the Get RIPPED! (R) Membership, a brand new product meets the demands of training at home and boosting her sales.
  • Redefined her brand and online persona with FitBrand Profile. This combined audience and market research with clear, consistent marketing messages.
  • Built a beautiful, modern website optimized for conversions
  • Re-engaged her email list and drove sales with a long-term content marketing strategy and compelling.

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