How to Add Entries

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Add/Edit Entries

Add/Edit Entries

To add a new testimonial from the administration panel, you should select the menu Testimonials > Add New. The above page will display. This works the same way as forms for adding posts and pages.

When adding or editing a new entry, there are 7 main steps:

  1. Insert/edit the name/title for this entry.
  2. Choose a layout type or leave as default for an automatic layout detection
  3. Set images – if you have just one image, use the first image box. These images MUST exist within your WordPress site.
  4. Optionally, enter “Highlighted Quote” (i.e. I Feel So Much More Energetic!) and “Provider Subtext” (i.e. occupation, location, age, and etc)
  5. Optionally, enter start and end weights – these must be numeric value like “150” or “60”.
  6. Select group
  7. Enter testimonial video or texts in the content editor box. Enter a shorter testimonial under “Excerpt” tab for future alternate use. Press Publish/Update button.