Overview & FAQ

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The Awesome Fitness Testimonials plugin was created to make life easier for both fitness professionals and web developers alike by letting the plugin do most of the heavily lifting: image re-sizing, coding, styling, and ordering.

Typically many fitness and wellness testimonials are created as images in a SEO unfriendly way and updating/editing require time and technical knowledge. Now with this plugin, you will be able to easily showcase your testimonials within minutes to help propel your site’s performance!

I have to mention that its design/styling functionality is currently basic, however with some HTML and CSS knowledge you can fully customize the design under the “Advanced” tab (for web developers).

And because it’s built with simplicity in mind – you might see fewer options than other testimonial plugins. It does not give you a hundred styling options BUT the testimonial format you see with this plugin has been polished for conversion.


Where do I add the video?

You can simply add/insert it into the WordPress text editor box.

How do I change the design?

You have simple options under the “Style” tab as well as “Advanced” tab for more advanced users. For tips on how to please see.

How do I use the shortcode outside the post editor, such as in theme or template files, or in widgets?

<?php do_shortcode(' &#91;fitness-testimonials id="xx"&#93; '); ?>

Can I upload multiple images? More than two?

Currently you can only add up to 2 images.