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Case Study: FITT Club Training

Before Fitness Website Formula…

FITT Club Training is a boot camp studio in Huntsville, North Carolina. Founder Thor Colberg is a former collegiate athlete and certified fitness instructor with eight years of experience in transforming bodies and helping clients achieve their fitness goals. Thor was ready to take his expertise to the next level and open his own studio, but he knew nothing about web design and digital marketing. He wanted to focus his efforts into developing effective workouts for his new boot camp classes, so he chose Fitness Website Formula to take over his website marketing.

“Thor wanted a website with a competitive edge”

Thor wanted a website with a competitive edge that would position his studio as an industry leading boot camp and generate leads. His business was brand new so the team at Fitness Website Formula needed to build an online presence from the ground up to quickly attract new clients. Even though his gym was brand new, he wanted potential clients to understand that he already had years of experience transforming bodies and this boot camp program would be no different.

After Collaborating With Us …

After collaborating with Fitness Website Formula, FITT Club Training had a brand new attractive website with a user friendly interface that truly resonates with his target market. The website was equipped with several lead generation systems and search engine optimization to ensure that potential clients looking for a great full body workout would come across Thor’s life changing services. The new site made his studio look like an established business even though it was brand new.

“Thor is extremely happy with his first six months”

Quickly after the launch of the FITT Club website and the opening of his new studio, his new facility quickly grew to over 50 clients. Thor is thrilled with the success of his website and proudly says, “We have gone from getting zero leads to about 3-5 online leads per week, just through the website alone.”

Thor noticed that his website opt-in features were extremely successful for his business. Thor saw that “clients sign up via our website for the two week trial and then come in to experience our programs and want to continue with a membership. It has been a very effective tool for getting people in the door and experiencing what we have to offer.”

Thor is extremely happy with his first six months in business and attributes much of his success to Fitness Website Formula. He continues to get steady leads from just his website alone which allows him to focus on his clients and not worry about his online marketing presence. Thor swears by Fitness Website Formula and claims “If you are looking to grow your business and are looking to be seen online as the go-to personal training company in your area you will want to have FWF create your website!”

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